Doriana is a Portland native with a passion for customer service. She has a background in make-up artistry and skin care, and is no stranger to the beauty industry. She enjoys the relaxed, yet fast paced environment, of a barbershop and interacting with people from many different backgrounds. An avid media lover, she spends her down time taking snapshots, seeing movies, and watching her favorite shows. 


Kyle has a huge enthusiasm and love for barbering. He enjoys gaming and a cornucopia of geeky activities. He spent much of his childhood traveling with a military family, moving from Hawaii he made a home in Portland 11 years ago with his wife and two fur babies. He excels at all types of hair and employs a variety of tools to get the desired look for clients. If you're looking for someone to tailor a haircut just for you and talk all things geeky Kyle's the guy for you!



Senior Colorist

Cara has spent 11 years in the beauty industry and thrives on creating custom-tailored looks for her clients. She is a specialist with corrective color and lightener services, and she excels at cutting services as well. This Carolina native can be found floating down the river on a hot summer day or nestled up playing tabletop games and crafting in the winter. Favorite things include glitter, sick riffs, and fur babies.  


Ginger is an Arizona native and currently has 6 years of experience as a hair stylist. They are passionate about bringing the method precision of their Sassoon training to the casual Chrome setting. They specialize in curly textures, fades, and precision bobs. In true Taurean fashion, they enjoy low-key activities with friends and family, exploring all the vegan restaurants around town, and maintaining ultimate self-care. 


Senior Stylist + Trainer

Alex grew up in the hair industry and loves his craft.